What are some effective trade show marketing tips?

What are some effective trade show marketing tips

Marketing strategies have grown in a new way due to digitalization and it has evolved in an impactful manner over the years. The ancient practices have received a complete makeover and the new practices involved the use of the internet and social media. Trade shows are also an ancient marketing strategy. Yet, the practices in the trade show have evolved such that we see a new face of how trade shows are being conducted nowadays. Give a lot of emphasis to the trade show booth. Exhibitors prefer the custom trade show exhibit design for their shows to gather more traffic. Talented and presentable staff appointment happens on the exhibition floor that can convert the visitors into potential customers.

If we talk about effective trade show marketing, there may be many tips on how to conduct a trade show. In this blog, we will discuss some effective trade show marketing tips.

  • Promote through the website, email, and social media

One of the most promising tips for conducting an efficient trade show is to promote your presence in the trade show through websites, email campaigns, and social media platforms. The Internet is a part of our lives like we eat food. It has become the food for our brain and we cannot imagine life without the internet now. So much so that some of the manual tasks have been completely transformed. They are being done via the internet and social media. It is in a way important to choose the best booth design company for your show.

In such a scenario, it is very beneficial to use internet services to promote your presence at trade shows. Let people know that you would be participating and inform them about your agenda. People like to take more interest when they know beforehand what they can find at your booth. Moreover, with this strategy, you can expect a more relevant crowd at your booth rather than the people walking down randomly exploring the booths. It is one of the most workable strategies to gather the relevant crowd to your booth.

  • Beacons

Beacons are small wireless transmitters that radiate radio signals with specific information to the nearby Bluetooth devices. They are one of the latest modern techniques to grab the attention of the crowd. Information like promotional offers, discount coupons, etc. are set into the Beacons and can be successfully conveyed to nearby smart devices. They can even find usage for navigation to the desired exhibition stand by programming the location information in it. Modern use of technology has helped a lot in making marketing goals achievable and easier. Each beacon transmits a unique ID number to a smart device which enables it to differentiate its belongingness to a particular brand. They can incorporate into the exhibition booth at the time of fabrication. Due to their efficiency in conveying messages, these Bluetooth devices have found a place in the market.

  • Prepare marketing collateral

Another important tip for effective marketing is to prepare marketing collateral for your show. Sometimes, people prefer to carry something handy that they can refer to when they go back from the trade show. It allows them to focus on the particular brand and its services and think with a cool mind away from the noise of trade shows. Exhibitors prepare brochures, white papers, business cards, and more marketing collateral for their show that they can give away to the visitors visiting their booth. It could influence the decision-making processes of current and prospective customers efficiently. Generally, your trade show display design will have a special place for keeping the marketing collateral you will be using at the show to avoid cluttering. 

  • Invest in an attention-grabbing booth

It is needless to say the exhibition booth deserves credit for more than keeping the stack of products and services to usage for grabbing the attention of the visitors. Exhibitors invest a considerable amount in having a trade show booth that can grab the attention of people and could help them in increasing their return on investment. Your trade show exhibit rental in Utah can do wonders on your ROI if you have successfully managed to have a trade show booth that can steal the show at the trade show event. 

  •  Use presentations and live product demos

While you have your trained staff to engage the visitors and to have effective communication it is more efficient if you engage the visitors through presentations and live product demos. The live product demo makes people understand your product more efficiently and they can make up their minds to invest in your products and services. Presentations are the more efficient way to engage the visitors and create a one-on-one connection in the discussion session which makes the visitor feel more involved. Keep your expert staff for presentations that may be able to express and explain the little intricacies involved and answer the questions of the customers. Keep a separate zone in your 40x40 trade show exhibit where you can conduct presentations and has enough space for people to stand or sit freely. 

  • Create interactive experiences

There are a lot of techniques available to make your trade show booth more interactive. You can use technologies like an interactive floor to plan some games on the exhibition floor. Some people keep a harmless pet to make the booth more alive and set the tone for interaction with the visitors. You can use any of the many strategies to make your 20 x 20 trade show booth ideas more interactive. 

  • Useful freebies

You can plan to give some useful giveaways to enhance the visitor experience and make it more welcoming for the visitors. It is a very common technique used by many exhibitors to make the experience of visitors memorable. People like free things. And who doesn’t want to indulge in the extra little that is being offered for free? It is one of the useful tips for the efficient marketing in today’s scenario.