Using Social Media to promote exhibition stand

Using Social Media to promote exhibition stand

Social media is affecting every individual worldwide, and netizens are connected to one another even if they are not living in the same cities, states or nations. In a similar fashion, exhibitors at trade shows are also reaching buyers and clients through these social media platforms at an increasing rate.

In addition to this, social media could be a great way to showcase your featured products and services. It may help you reach those audiences who were never aware of your brand and product. In this article, you will discover some of the ways to use social media to promote your exhibition stand.


The first step in using social media to promote your exhibition stand is to select the ideal platform for your products and services. You could start by choosing a platform that has most of your target audience. For instance, LinkedIn is more likely to have professionals and business experts, while on Instagram, you could showcase your products to every age group and consumer.


Now a day, hashtags are more commonly used when we are on social media and could help reach a more ideal audience. If you plan to take your exhibit to a social media platform, it might be necessary to use a catchy and unique hashtag. You could ask your visitors to use the same hashtag when posting about your exhibit. You could also offer rewards and vouchers for the most creative hashtag usage by the visitors.

Pre-trade show image:

Social media could help before a trade show too. You could share pre-show behind-the-scenes footage, images and shorts to engage customers and your followers. By using these techniques, your target audience will be a little more excited about your trade show booth participation and will have an idea what products they could expect from your company. It would encourage your followers to come and visit your stand.

Involve influencers:

When you present your exhibition booth and partner with some social media influencers for the promotion, it could build new hype for your audience and followers. You could involve these influencers through some monetary offers or reward benefits.

Engage netizens:

Starting a poll or making a new picture streak could help you engage your online followers. You could ask your visitors to share on-time posts with hashtags and get freebies and vouchers for the most creative ones.

You could also start live streaming so that your followers can have a lively impact especially those who were not able to attend in person. During the live stream, you may give live tours of your stand, conduct visitors’ interviews and showcase your products.

Testimonials and reviews:

When participants share their service experience and tell others about your products through social media, could create a wide impact on the buyers and online audiences. You could share quotes and videos from customers who have used your services or visited your booth at previous exhibitions.

Lastly, you could do follow-up with online buyers on your service and product reviews. Sharing your new offers and discounts through social media may be beneficial in various ways. Social media platforms can be beneficial when you need to grab the attention of a large number of people. Even if people could not take advantage of your services themselves, they would share them with others and make your custom exhibit booths participation a success.