Perfect location for your exhibition stand

Perfect location for your exhibition stand

The success of a trade show depends on a lot of factors. One important factor among them is your booth location on the exhibition floor. It’s a good idea to promote your booth through beacons, social media, or other services so that customers can easily locate you. But having your booth at the perfect location on the exhibition floor has its value. The more the number of attendees at your booth, the more are chances to convert them into business leads. There are some thoughtful considerate points to remember when choosing your booth location and they can prove to be very beneficial to your exhibition presence. Not only you will be grabbing more attention to your exhibition booth design from the customers but there are chances to be remembered by people even after the show is over if you just plan a perfect location to be in on the exhibition floor. Let us figure out the perfect location for your exhibition stand.

Near Entrance 

The attendees are full of zeal and energy and are inquisitive with anticipation of what new will they find in exhibitions when they enter the trade show. And the end time is usually when they are tired and are rushing through the booths to cover up the missing zones in a hurry. So when you like would have people gathered in your booth, when they are booming with energy or when they are in a hurry to wind up their visit? Of course at the beginning of time. So your first thought should be to have your exhibition stand close to the entrance.

Though it certainly is good for trade show exhibit companies to have a booth near the entrance, having it very near the gate of entrance is however not a very good idea. People are crowded at the very entrance point and are looking to start their exploration by being at a calmer place. The first few booths at the very entrance are likely to be missed due to noise and crowd unless it has something very captivating that can hold back the audience to have a closer look. Nowadays, many custom exhibition booth designs can be designed to enhance the effect further. 

 Corners and Cross junctions

The best location for your exhibition booth on the exhibition floor is near the entrance and at a corner or cross junction where the chances of passing by are the highest. Corners and cross junctions are often free from the limitation of having their view obstructed by other exhibition booths. It is a big plus for your exhibition stand. Trade show display ideas work well and are convenient to implement in the corner booths.  

Being near Eating joints and Restrooms

Another place where the frequency of people visiting will be very high is near the eating joints and restrooms. You can take advantage of the fact that people are quite relaxed after eating at their favourite eating joint and like to stroll by the nearby stalls in a relaxed mood. Being near cafes and restrooms increases your chances to be visited by the audience.

To be at the left or right of the exhibition 

It is interesting to note that we often never think about if we want to be at the left or right of the exhibition floor and just a thoughtful consideration can turn around the situation in your favour. It is noticed that the places where people drive from the left seat often start the exhibition from their right and vice versa. This can be a big turnaround to your situation as you would want to be visited in the early hours of the show and not at the last. So plan accordingly.

Budget Constraints

Choosing your favourite place for your exhibition booth on the exhibition floor is not always possible when you are tied up with budget constraints. If you are unable to pick up the perfect location for your stand you can compensate for it by making incorporating creative trade show booth ideas to grab more traffic to your booth. Every complex situation has a solution to it. You just need to work around the situation to find the best possible way to execute the solution.

Close to your competitors

Having your booth close to your competitors can work both ways. You need to do a small research to analyze if it will work in your favour or against your situation. If your booth design and products are at the higher end than your competitors then having your booth alongside them will give you a boost as people will analyze and be drawn to your product more.

Near renowned brands

Being near renowned brands gives an added advantage to benefit from their advertisement and effort to grab attention. The customers visiting their booth will pass by your nearby stand and there is a high chance that they will like to explore what you are offering. Hence you can benefit from the number of people passing by your booth by making a small effort in the direction of promoting your brand by starting a small conversation or by small giveaways to grab attention or so.