How to define a good trade show booth

How to define a good trade show booth

A good trade show booth doesn’t happen by chance. It is the result of proper planning and brilliant management. Lot of hard work goes into the designing of a good trade show booth. There are several trade show display companies out there that are good and excellent in their work. But to find the one that will match both your budget and the design requirements requires careful consideration. There are many factors to think about before you decide to choose that one company that can fulfill all your requirements. 

Once you have figured out that one company that suits your requirement, then the major task is to get a design build that matches your vision. There are a lot of varieties of trade show booths available these days of all sizes. Be it a 20x20 booth or 30x40 trade show booth all the different sizes are available in the market to suit every type of trade show requirement. What is left thereafter is your trade show booth design ideas that will make a good trade show booth. 

“There are three responses to a piece of design-Yes, No, and Wow! Wow is the one to aim for.” – Milton Glaser
The question arises that how to determine a good trade show booth that gives you a wow feeling? The answer is simple – The one that will increase your ROI at the trade show event. Let us discuss some of the points that help to determine a good trade show booth. 

Perfect booth space

While you are all involved in searching the best trade show exhibit rental Boston, which requires your immediate attention after choosing the trade show is the booth space. Choosing the best booth space is important for your trade show event as not all places on the exhibition floor are capable to attract traffic. While you have your budget in mind and you have shortlisted the trade show event to participate in, focus your attention on choosing the perfect place where there is maximum possibility of attracting traffic. Spaces near the entrance, near the cafes, near the restrooms and near the big brands are some of the good example where you can consider to invest on the space. Once you will have your trade show exhibit rental Atlanta in the best possible place, the benefit of having an extraordinary booth will be more evident. 

Design of the entrance of the booth

We all know that a trade show booth must be unique and innovative to be able to steal the show. But how many of you know that the entrance of the trade show booth varies according to the characteristics of the trade show event. If you are organizing your exhibition targeting your existing customers, you will have your entrance and booth designed which reflects how your brand has evolved from the previous time. What new are you offering and what solutions are you presenting to the problems faced earlier. While if you are targeting new customers in the exhibition your entrance will be grand and eye catching. It will be able to attract the attention of the new customers and you can use inquisitive graphics to attract more customers to your trade Show Display Rental Anaheim

Organized booth

A good trade show booth is a well-organized booth. If your booth is filled with lot many elements the space around will become cluttered. Keep only necessary elements at the booth in a well-organized manner such that there is enough breathing space at your booth. Let people walk around freely at your booth without having the feeling that the space is all cluttered. Remember, everyone wants to be at a well-organized and spacious space where they can breathe freely. 

Well-lit stand

Another characteristic of a good trade show booth is that it is well-lit. There is no room for dark and dull spaces in the hearts of people who have entered the exhibition floor in full spirits to find something extraordinary. Use proper lighting to well-lit your trade show booth. These days a lot of designer lightings are available that can solve two purposes simultaneously. It can lit-up your stand as well as beautify it. 

Color combination 

Try using bright colors for your trade show event that can uplift the mood of others. Colors have the ability to change the mood of people, so using uplifting colors can perfectly contribute to having a good trade show booth that can help to increase your ROI. 

Keep your stand manned

The most important criteria that is important to be considered other than the booth design is that you should always keep your trade show booth manned during the exhibition. Imagine you have the brilliant booth design and lot of visitors entering your booth. But you do not have enough trained staff to address everyone that comes at your booth then your booth design will go in vain. Your ultimate target is not how many people gather at your booth but how many you have been able to convert to potential customers. While you are paying good amount of consideration to your booth design it is also very important to have trained staff of enough strength to be able to handle the visitors in an efficient way.