How latest technology has impacted the face of trade show booths

How latest technology has impacted the face of trade show booths

Trade shows are not something that has just emerged today. It is an ancient practice used as a marketing strategy by big and small industries to increase their sales and to generate leads. Earlier the trade shows were majorly focused on how well the speaker was able to convince about the products and services showcased in the trade show. But now the scenario has changed. Lot of emphasis is also being given on the presentation. 

Due to a tough competition in the market it has become important to become noticeable in the crowd. And it is not an easy thing. You need to work carefully on your marketing strategy to ensure the minor details are worked on meticulously to make your trade show event successful. A lot of emphasis is given to your trade show display design. You might be new in the market as an emerging start-up group or an established brand, the importance of having a trade show booth design that can grab the attention of masses holds its special place. 

A lot of enchanting trade show booth designs are available in the market nowadays and it has become tough to choose from amongst them. Unlike old times when it was simpler to showcase the products and services, now the face of trade shows have changed. New technologies and techniques have taken over the ancient ways. A lot of creative installations to the trade show display design have efficiently taken over the old traditional ways of showcasing and there is a large population that is fascinated by the trade show booth designs and therefore visit the booth. For that reason, exhibitors have started investing on the booth by finding the trade show booths design companies that can fulfill their requirements of the trade show exhibit. 

Let us discuss some of the technological ways that have enhanced the trade show booths and made them more creative and engaging


Unlike older times when simple lights were installed  to well-lit the exhibition stand enough so that the products were visible even in the dark, nowadays a variety of lighting systems are available that can enhance the looks of the trade show booths. There are a variety of LED displays available that can give a creative look to the booth. Some overhead hangings make use of beautiful decorative with lighting that are quite an art to look at. Some of them are so enchanting that they can make the visitors stop by and have a look at the beauty of them. You can take benefit from it by starting a conversation and making them feel they have stopped by at the right place. Beauty and art is not just showcased on the booths but there are ample of reasons why visiting your booth can help them gain insights over the new ideas. You never know if you are lucky enough to convert the visitors into potential customers. Custom trade show booth manufacturers are an expert in deciding how to place the lightings in an efficient manner. 

 It is important to note that there are a fraction of seconds available to you when the visitors are passing by your booth. If by any reason you are able to grab their attention and they wish to learn more about what you are presenting there, your work is done. Your trade show booth design is a great help in making these fraction of seconds count. An attractive and creative stand is able to grab the attention of the visitors and make them stop by to spend more time. Some exhibitors use aromatherapy to please the senses of the visitors that can make them spend more time at their booth. There are ample of techniques, you just need to figure out which can be best suited to you. You can experiment with your choices if you have opted for trade show booth rental.

Virtual walls

Virtual walls have the capability to change the entire look of your booth. It can act as a digital canvas to your visitors. It can impact the creativity of your booth in a remarkable way. It can transform your booth into an interactive experience. The visitors can engage themselves in activities like playing touch screen games, drag and drop images, making notes and drawing. While some of the visitors are accompanied by their kids, you can make the kids enjoy their time by engaging them with creative activities at the virtual walls while you can interact with the visitors and can have a relaxed conversation. 

Interactive Floors

Just like the virtual walls interactive floors provide an engaging theme to the trade show booth design. By installing the LED lights with motion sensors you can make the lighting change when the visitors walk on it. You can also plan some type of games on the interactive floors. It can make the experience to walk on your booth quite thrilling. People enjoy something unique and this can be a good technique to grab the attention of the visitors. The floor that is the most overlooked part at the booth can be made to come to life by interactive floors technique. 


You have a 40x40 trade show booth or a 10x10 version, the latest technologies have a way of enhancing each of them brilliantly. It is a kind of augmented spatial reality that creates a 3D visual projection onto a surface. Anything complex and simple can be projected within that space and it adapts to the dimension of the surface on which it is projected. If we combine the projections with audio and visual elements a lifelike experience can be created on the exhibition stand. The major advantage of using this technology is that it needs no equipment on the part of visitor which makes it apt to be used directly at the exhibition stand. It is capable of attracting the visitors and can help to improve the overall experience at the booth. 


The augmented and virtual reality provides a 360 degree view to the objects that are difficult to showcase in a limited space. Sometimes the constraints like limited space can confine your experience in the trade show. You can overcome this limitation by use of the brilliant technique of augmented and virtual reality. Many exhibitors have used it for product demonstration, gamification and like an interesting photo booth to enhance their trade show booth experience. 


Beacons are small wireless transmitters that emit radio signals to the nearby Bluetooth devices. You can programme it according to your specification to deliver the desired message. It can share the information like new deals, coupons, promotional offers or even the location navigation to the visitors to your booth. It is efficiently being used nowadays by many exhibitors to gain a rich experience of use of smart technology in enhancing the overall experience of the trade show booth. 

Multi-sensory installations

These multidimensional experiences create a sensory effect of taste, sight, sound, smell, and feel. It is a one of a kind experience and has the capability to be remembered even after the trade show is over. The trade show booth design companies give this special feature to enhance the overall experience of the trade show event at your booth. If you are exhibiting and using multi-sensory installations be prepared to be crowded by a lot of visitors wanting to experience the feel at your booth. You can efficiently try to convert the visitors as the potential customers while you have ample crowd to your disposal. 

The techniques are many, but which one is within your budget and can fit your situation efficiently varies. So choose accordingly and have a wonderful trade show experience with the use of modern technology.