Best Practices for Trade Show Booth Shipping

Best Practices for Trade Show Booth Shipping

An exhibitor could discover many opportunities at a trade show. It could be related to networking, making connections, closing business deals or understanding market trends. Trade shows are beneficial for companies that are looking for a place with a large number of target audiences.

Now, imagine that you are prepared with an exhibition stand design that has the potential to attract many visitors at the trade show. You have reached the trade show venue and tomorrow the event is starting. However, till now, you have not received your trade show booth that was supposed to be shipped by now. 

Now, this might be a scenario when you planned everything for the trade show presentation except shipping of your booth.

On-time shipping is a major part of your trade show booth design presentation and it needs to be a concern of every exhibitor. Here are some best practices for your trade show booth shipping so that you could get it delivered on time and in perfect condition.

Planning for your trade show booth shipping needs to start as soon as you decide which trade show to participate in and its booth design. It will help you avoid last-minute rushes and delays. The key aspects could include:

Time that shipment is going to utilize: The location of the trade show could be a faraway city or an international state. It might be important to make a note of how many days the shipment could possibly take. A turnkey exhibition booth service provider could also help you get these details.

Priority list of everything that is needed to get shipped: You may add parts of your exhibit, important devices, tools, equipment, products etc. to this list to make sure nothing remains undetected.

Starting and closing dates of the custom exhibit displays: You would need everything shipped before the trade show; hence, note down on what date you require your shipment to reach the venue and on which day it has to be shipped back. In case you plan to take your exhibit to other trade shows in nearby cities, you could ask your exhibition stand provider for storage services.

Add-ons that you require: Other components like brochures, marketing material, giveaway and special attractions could be as important as your exhibit and they should be delivered on time too.

Shipment Company:

Selecting a shipping company would require a lot of research and effort. You could look for a company that provides on-time services and delivers your shipment in good condition. It should be a reputable company with experience in trade show shipping.

It should offer a tracking system so that you can monitor the status of your shipment. A reputable shipping company would provide you with all the details about the budget and damage policies so that you could opt for insurance coverage too. You could possibly ask your exhibition booth contractor to provide shipping services.


The material used in exhibit packaging could also affect it in a positive or negative way. For instance, if the packaging material is sturdy and of high quality, it would have keep your shipment safe and make sure it reaches you in excellent condition. On the other hand, poor packaging could possibly lead to damage.

While packaging, it would be a good idea to label each product with your company name, booth number and contents names that are available on the packaging. It could be covered in bubble wrap, form padding and other material to keep it safe during the journey.

Giving proper information about your fragile items could also give your product details to the shipping company.

You could ask them to be extra careful with some of the products that need special attention while shipping. If you have hired a turnkey Trade Show Booth Rental Anaheim provider, you could leave the shipment part to them.

Knowledge of rules and regulations:

For shipping materials, every trade show can have its own rules and regulations. It could be rules about the size and weight of your shipment or related to labelling and handling of the shipment.

It is wise to go through all the rules and regulations before shipping your materials. A reputable and expert exhibition stand shipping company could also help you with these rules as they would be aware of them because of their experiences.

If you are aware of all the exhibition’s rules, it will help you avoid monetary mistakes and delays.

Take an Insurance:

Shipping companies provide various types of insurance for your packages and it might be important to opt for the one that covers your entire shipment.

You could look for insurance that will cover your exhibition booth during the entire show. Although it is suggested that you directly contact the shipping companies and inquire about the insurance policies they are offering.

Knowing the timeline of the trade show is an essential part of planning shipment delivery. You could book your slot in advance so that your exhibit reaches you on time. You may arrange an early delivery too to make sure you get enough time to install your trade show exhibit.

All the above-mentioned factors could help you successfully get your shipment on time so that your brand could shine at the trade show. An end-to-end exhibition stand service provider could plan all the services for you too. They could offer services like designing, manufacturing, assembling, dismantling, shipping and storage.

It might be important to remember that planning and following a timeline are some of the key components to remember while you are participating in a trade show.