We Design & Build Trade Show Booth at World Dairy Expo 2024

United States | Madison
01 - 04 October 2024





About World Dairy Expo 2024

Welcome to the World Dairy Expo, the pinnacle gathering for the global dairy industry. Held annually at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, this event serves as a vibrant meeting point for dairy professionals from around the world.

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As the largest and most significant exhibition in the dairy industry, the World Dairy Expo provides a dynamic forum for companies, dairy producers, organizations, and enthusiasts to converge. Over five days, attendees and exhibitors alike come together to exchange ideas, knowledge, technology, and conduct commerce, all while showcasing the latest advancements in dairy cattle and industry technologies.

With its comprehensive showcase of dairy cattle and cutting-edge technologies, the World Dairy Expo is an essential event for anyone involved in the global dairy industry. Whether you're seeking to stay abreast of industry trends, forge new partnerships, or showcase your innovations, the World Dairy Expo offers an unparalleled opportunity for engagement and growth. Join us and be part of shaping the future of dairy worldwide.