Laser & Photonics
27-Jan-2024 - 01-Feb-2024
United States | San Francisco


SPIE PHOTONICS WEST is an annual and leading international conference and exhibition for the photonics and optics industries. Each year this event is held in San Francisco, California, and is organized by the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE). Next Year the SPIE is going to be held again in San Francisco from 27 January - 1 February 2024.

The SPIE PHOTONICS WEST conference covers a wide range of topics in photonics and optics including lasers, biomedical optics, optoelectronics, optical design & engineering, imaging & sensing, and Nano photonics, among others. The conference features keynote speakers, technical sessions, poster presentations, workshops, short courses, and networking opportunities.

The event is a great platform for the attendees like researchers, engineers, industry leaders and many others as well. Together they share the latest work in their fields, network with colleagues & potential collaborators, and learn about new products & technologies. In addition to the technical program, there is a large exhibition where companies showcase their latest products and technologies related to photonics and optics. The SPIE PHOTONICS WEST is a great event to enhance your Brand awareness in front of thousands of people and for that an exhibition booth with attractive aspects can help you to achieve your goal. For the best exhibition stand builders in San Francisco you must contact us. Now!

Reasons why Exhibitors exhibit at SPIE PHOTONICS WEST 2024

Here is a summary of some key points that highlights the benefits of exhibiting at the SPIE PHOTONICS WEST:

1. Over 20,000 registered trade visitors visit SPIE PHOTONICS WEST each year and in the 2024 event this number will definitely grow.

2. The visitors at the SPIE event including researchers, scientists, engineers, business executives, professors, and students from around the world.

3. 1,400+ exhibitors in the exhibition portion of the event features hundreds of companies showcasing their latest products and services related to photonics and optics.

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