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28-Jun-2023 - 30-Jun-2023

International Salon + Spa Expo

International Salon + Spa Expo

International Salon + Spa Expo (ISSE) is the one-stop platform for Salon, Spa, Cosmetologist, and Beauty Industry Professionals. It is the most interactive expo in the professional beauty industry. ISSE brings more than 30,000 licensed salon owners, students, industry experts, and educators together to showcase their latest innovations, techniques, and trends. Through ISSE you can easily promote your brand and beauty products through sponsorship offerings, customized exhibitors, and target audience. International Salon + Spa Expo is a must-attend expo for personal care products, contract manufacturing, wellness, hair, skin, make-up artists, and others. ISSE is the biggest event in the professional beauty industry that helps visitors interact and enjoy themselves with industry professionals.

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Several trade show booth design companies only provide booth design, they do not even build their designs, but at RADON Exhibition LLC we provide you with the design, planning, building, installing and an array of services.

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