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The PPAI Expo is the biggest tradeshow for promotional products. This trade show is the best way to reinvigorate your business. PPAI Expo is termed the largest industry trade show in North America since the expo features various exhibiting companies displaying thousands of promotional products.  It is a must-attend event for the reason of the range of opportunities this trade show offers. The PPAI Expo expo is a great way to interact with industry professionals, invite new customers, and highlight your collection of promotional products. In the last three years, PPAI Expo has had approximately 12,500 promotional consultants representing more than 4000 distributor companies. As a distributor company, you should not miss out on the chance of exhibiting at the PPAI Expo 2024. If you are looking for a Trade Show Display Rental Las Vegas you can contact  us.

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Several trade show booth design companies only provide booth design, they do not even build their designs, but at RADON Exhibition LLC we provide you with the design, planning, building, installing and an array of services.

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