Laboratory Technology
24-Feb-2024 - 28-Feb-2024
United States | San Diego


Come and celebrate the 75 years of Pitcon 2024. The event will be taking place from February 24-28, 2024 in San Diego, United States of America. This is a trade show dedicated to scientific breakthroughs and laboratory science. 

Also, the professionals who are involved in the process of analysing chemicals, analysing some products or managing scientists' activities like lab assistants. If you are one from such a field, then reserving the booth with the best trade show booth builder in San Diego could be the best.

The product categories at Pittcon are lab automation, nanotechnology techniques, laboratory personnel services, instrumentation laboratory equipment, reagents and consumables, food analysis techniques, clinical diagnostics, biopharma/research products, cannabis techniques, environmental techniques etc. 

72% of trade visitors have purchasing process. 49% of attendees believe in purchasing within 6 months. 


Pitcoin is a transnational conference dedicated to analytical research and scientific instrumentation. The upcoming event is a platform to get insights about science-enhancing ways. This is a trade show for everyone who buys or sells laboratory equipment.

Every year, Pittcon USA donate one million dollars to support science and research activities. The motto of Pittcon is to help companies to show their advanced scientific developments. This is an event to exchange information and get new ideas from top scientists.

Pitcon offers you an opportunity to attend scientific conferences and make conversations with technical experts. The trade shows will help in finding solutions related to laboratory challenges. The attendees have a chance to access the technical programs offering insights about the developments from top scientists in the world.

There will be 60 short courses on topics like food science, forensics, cannabis, energy, pharmaceuticals, enviro science, industry, nanotechnology, materials science, bioanalytics, life sciences etc. The Pittcon trade show will offer a unique opportunity for attendees to connect with professionals belonging to the same backgrounds and sharing the same interests.

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