We Design & Build Trade Show Booth at MJBizCon 2024

United States | Las Vegas
28 - 01 December 2024





MJBizCon 2024

The MJBizCon is one of the biggest Cannabis-related events where thousands of Cannabis enthusiasts reach and make the event and trade show a memorable one.

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The event welcomes Cultivators, Manufacturers/Processors, Retailers, Hemp / CBD Professionals, and New-to-Industry Professionals to exhibit and teach & learn new updates to each other. The 12th version of MJBizCon is going to be held from November 28 - December 1, 2024, in the Convention Center of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The MJBizCon is considered a must-attend event for the professionals involved in the Cannabis industry. This trade show is one of the largest gatherings of brands and companies as well as several medical organizations that relate themselves with the industry. To have one of the most unique and attractive customized designs of your trade show booth in MJBizCon. Contact us as we are one of the most reputed trade show booth builders in Las Vegas and will assist you in the construction and dismantling of the booth. Contact us Now!

Reasons Why Exhibitors are so attracted to MJBizCon 2024

MJBizCon is having many major reasons to attract visitors as well as exhibitors from around the world such as:

1. MJBizCon is a multiple award-winning show and also ranked many times as the number 1 Cannabis show across the world.

2. More than 1400 exhibitors from across the globe get together at one place and exhibit their brands, products, and services.

3. More than 30,000 cannabis enthusiasts from more than 100 countries around the world visit the MJBizCon trade show every year. This year the number is expected to grow.

4. 100+ industry speakers related to the cannabis industry including Cultivators, Manufacturers/Processors, Retailers, and Hemp / CBD Professionals will also visit the event.

5. The show has extraordinary opportunities for networking, deals, and partnership-building with other professionals in the industry.