We Design & Build Trade Show Booth at MICAM AMERICAS

United States | Las Vegas
30 - 02 October 2024






MICAM Americas is now available at our Las Vegas hero brand events of MAGIC Las Vegas and PROJECT Las Vegas.

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Discover tailor-made trade show booth rentals in all sizes. Stand out with personalized exhibits that fit your brand perfectly. Elevate your presence and engage your audience. Explore now!

Offering the same comprehensive selection of footwear categories for women, men, and children, footwear is now merchandised alongside apparel and accessories and organized by market segment and price point. Trend and young contemporary footwear brands at price points from value to mass market will be cohesively merchandised together in a dedicated footwear area at MAGIC Las Vegas, while PROJECT Las Vegas will present a dedicated footwear section featuring contemporary men’s and women’s footwear brands at price points from mid-market to premium. If you are looking for a Trade Show Display Rental  Las Vegas  you can contact  us.