United States | New York
16 - 18 April 2024


INTERPHEX New York 2024


Welcome to INTERPHEX, the premier event tailored for pharmaceutical and biotech professionals seeking cutting-edge solutions for developing and manufacturing high-quality products efficiently and cost-effectively

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With over 10,000 global industry professionals and 600+ leading suppliers in attendance, INTERPHEX serves as the ultimate platform for collaboration and innovation.

Embracing the ethos of "Learn It, Experience It, and Procure It," INTERPHEX offers a dynamic blend of technical conferences, demonstrations, exhibits, and networking events. This comprehensive approach enables attendees to stay abreast of the latest advancements, engage in hands-on experiences, and connect with industry peers and experts.

With more than 7,000 decision-makers sourcing solutions and supporting over 160 North American and worldwide technology launches, INTERPHEX facilitates invaluable opportunities for business growth and development. Whether you're looking to forge new partnerships, source innovative products, or gain insights from industry leaders, INTERPHEX is the hub for pharmaceutical and biotech professionals.

Attendees can easily navigate the exhibition floor to source products and cultivate relationships with exhibitors, fostering both immediate and long-term business connections. For those aiming to elevate their presence in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, exhibiting at INTERPHEX offers unparalleled visibility and opportunities for recognition.

Join us at INTERPHEX and position yourself at the forefront of innovation, collaboration, and success in the pharmaceutical and biotech landscape.