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14-Nov-2023 - 17-Nov-2023



IAAPA Expo is one of the leading global conference and trade shows for the attractions industry. IAAPA Expo provides visitors to explore the sights, tastes, sensations, and thrills of the amusement industry. IAAPA Expo offers its attendees the opportunity to join industry leaders for an enlighting exhibition and conference. Professionals from the world’s most reputed theme parks, zoos, family entertainment centers, aquariums, museums, and science centers will come together to innovate at work and source new products. At IAAPA Expo, you can associate with industry leaders, network, and discover new products and services that will keep your business new and innovative. IAAPA Expo is your ultimate destination for new perspectives and amazing ideas. The education sessions and conferences will increase your contributions to your company. IAAPA Expo is a must-attend exhibition for the attractions industry.

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Several trade show booth design companies only provide booth design, they do not even build their designs, but at RADON Exhibition LLC we provide you with the design, planning, building, installing and an array of services.

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