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17-Apr-2023 - 21-Apr-2023

HIMSS 2023

HIMSS 2023

HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management System Society) is a global advisor and thought leader member based society that is committed to reform the global health. The annual meeting is going to be held from 17 to 21 April 2023 at Chicago. 

Be a part of the global health conference and exhibition to gain insights over the latest innovations in the healthcare sector. Participate in the valuable knowledgeable sessions given by the experts in the domain and gain more insights over the hot topics of the industry. Meet healthcare professionals, visionaries in the health domain and key decision makers to discuss the solutions of the existing challenges in the healthcare sector. 

Interact with others at the show who are there to exchange the valuable ideas related to the healthcare sector and gain insights on the important topics of the industry. 

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