We Design & Build Trade Show Booth at AMP 2024

United States | New York
21 - 01 August 2024





AMP 2024

The Food and Agri Executive Management Program (AMP) is a program that facilitates a deeper understanding of the concepts and modern practices that are adopted by the food and agri sector.

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AMP facilitates awareness of the best agriculture and food production practices through discussions with well-known experts from the corporate sector and policy planners from all across the world. It offers cross-enterprise learning through case studies, panel discussions, group exercises, and brainstorming exercises. Cornell Sathguru Food and Agri Executive Management Program have influenced 600+ leaders in the food and agribusiness sector in over 20 countries. This exhibition offers a strategic approach to complex food and agribusiness issues. Participants can gain understanding through guided visits and holistic engagement with the leaders of the industry. Don’t miss out on Food and Agri Executive Management Program if you want to have your place in the food and agri industry.