10x20 Trade Show Booth Designs

Find & Rent 10x20 trade show booth designs here. More than 100 booth designs are available to rent or purchage. If you want a fresh booth design based on budget and goal, tell us your requirements and our designer will design your booth based on your requirements.

10x20 Trade Show Booth Rentals

Our 10x20 trade show booth rental option is quite popular among businesses that want to make a lasting impact in the next event without having to spend enormous money on building the booth. With Radon, you can end your search for the best in class, quality, and affordability 10x20 trade show design. Since 10x20 is a medium booth size, we have several customization options available for you to explore and choose from – in terms of colors, layouts, features, designs, etc. You will be surely enthralled to see the options we have got for you in 10x20 booth designs.

Value for Money

We use lightweight material for booth construction which makes moving them from one place to another easy and safe. While these booths are easy to set up, they come at incredibly discounted rates. Please feel free to check out the collection of 10x20 custom trade show booth designs at the Radon Exhibition.

Compact and Nice

Medium-sized 10x20 trade show display booths are spotted commonly across the shows, exhibitions, and events these days. Why? It is mainly because of the opportunity they provide to the builders to add a massive impactful backdrop and product displays. Our focus on 10x20 booths enables us to deliver highly sophisticated and impressive booths that help you pull more visitors and meet your marketing goals through it.

Inspiring 10x20 Booth Ideas

Our 10x20 trade show booth ideas are inspiring, attractive, and designed to facilitate hosting demos. These booths have ample space for attendees to walk and feel the display. With meeting spaces available for networking, you will find marketing and promotion of your business at the upcoming event super easy.

In contrast to the 10x10 booth sizes, 10x20 booths are more effective due to the graphics and visual effects that can be added to these booths. There is enough room for displaying products and products’ visibility can be enhanced with shelves, if you want. Consider replacing the structure with an impressive back wall in an innovative and unique shape/height that may boost your booth’s visibility at the show while rendering you a competitive advantage. You may go for further customization with curved walls or choose from different 10x20 booth layout options as well.

Unique Designs and Customization Options

Backlit booth designs can be a great tool to set a mood and have a display that stands out. With some backlit show displays, light boxes, industrial/upcycled fixtures, and light sconces, you may enrich and reinforce your brand’s message. You may also consider using unique/unexpected materials for enhancing your booth space. For example, recycled wooden pallets can help in hosting stands or creating counters. We can assist you in choosing the right furniture that suits your booth’s aesthetics – the choices are many and they include modern, industrial, contemporary, and more. We, at Radon, are here to customize your booth bearing in mind the vision of your business – right from 10x20 trade show exhibit design to furniture and more.

10x20 Booths Tailored to Grab Attention and Boost Business

Space planning is an important aspect of 10x20 booths and creating an interactive display for your attendees to visit will have huge spatial and structural requirements.  We build fully customizable, eye-catching product displays that can help your brand stand out and get noticed amidst the tough competition. Let us transform your display booth into a perfect artwork that your customers like and your competition feels envious about. Call us to discuss the best 10x20 booth design ideas!

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