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25-Apr-2023 - 27-Apr-2023

wbenc conference

wbenc conference

WBENC 2023 is the world’s largest conference or a premiere event for women entrepreneurs or women business owners held from 20th – 23rd March in Nashville, Tennessee, US.


Benefits of Attending:


•    Offers an amazing opportunity to showcase your brand, identify potential suppliers or new purchasers and expand your network at the premier event for women business owners.
•    Connect with the more than 4,000 business owners, government agencies and Fortune 1000 enterprises seeking to do business with women entrepreneurs.
•    Dedicated networking hub for your business
•    Create an impression on the WBENC network individuals
•    Industry-Organized Expo puts you within the limelight of the event
•    You get to meet a lot of Attendees
•    Ability to offer products for sale (if applicable)
•    Added marketing presence and benefits as an Exhibitor.

WBENC 2023 also includes an unrivalled Expo of certified women-owned businesses and those who do business with them, Productive Meet & Greets, Dynamic educational programming, Inspiring speakers, The Collegiate Accelerator pitch competition, Women Owned Demo Stations, Celebrations and fun - including karaoke, Countless networking opportunities.

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